Samantha & David- A Naturally Beautiful Wedding

On October 11, 2015, Samantha and David tied the knot at one of our favorite venues, Leo Carrillo Ranch. This all natural wedding was absolutely gorgeous and could not have gone any lovelier. Samantha wore a beautiful, free falling dress and lit up the room! Bright and beautiful flower arrangements made by Flower Frenzy made the ceremony pop with excitement.  Aaron Wilcox caught every special moment, giving the bride and groom a way to reminisce on their blissful day.  The deliciously healthy choices of food, including a Whole Foods cake, was one of the many creative ideas Samantha had for her special day. DJ Sage created a exciting environment with lots of dancing and memories! We are so excited for the life Samantha and David get to spend together!

Other Vendors to Note: Personal Touch Dining 

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Jessie & Steven: A Rustic Wedding

On September 6, 2015, Jessie and Steven were the center of attention at one of the most beautiful ceremonies we have seen. Their rustic/bohemian style wedding made for a absolutely gorgeous setting.  With the help of Andy King, the amazing photographer, we are able to see all the hard work that was put into this wedding. He captured everything charmingly. The photos, along with everything else, came out flawless, with the help of their lovely friend Becca Corrizosa. The private home venue was the perfect place for the friends and family to feel at home, and help create a blissful day for the newly married couple!

Other vendors to note: Personal Touch Dining, Music in Notion


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Eileen & Curtis Tie the Knot!

Eileen and Curtis tied the knot on August 29, 2015 at La Jolla Women’s Club with lovely weather and even better company!  What better way to celebrate the union of two amazing people than in beautiful La Jolla!?  With the help of wonderful vendors, this event could not have been more fun! To capture the blissful moments True Photography truly didn’t miss a thing. Eileen walked down the aisle holding her absolutely gorgeous flower arrangement, made by Tessfresh Flowers. Everyone looked so amazing with the help of Flawless Beauty, leaving everyone in awe! Hannah Smith Events and Personal Touch Dining did a perfect job at coordinating this stunning event for Eileen and Curtis, giving them a day they will never forget!   

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Jen & Martin’s Dream Wedding!

Every girls dream is to get married in a gorgeous Mediterranean themed home placed in the hills of one in the most beautiful cities… San Diego. On September 12, 2015, Jen and Martin Smith made their love for one another official; in this home they could now call their own. Hannah Smith Events planned this amazing wedding in the historic 1920’s themed house, which hosted all of their closest friends and family to help them celebrate the special day. Walter Wilson Studios photographed every moment leading up to the wedding, giving us a chance to see the gorgeous event in the making. From the exquisite flower arrangements, made by Lovely Stems Floral, to Jen’s striking appearance, with help from Sarah Beecher with Make Up Mommy, Walter captured everything with perfection.

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Other vendors to note:

Hannah Smith Events

Personal Touch Dining

DJ-Preston Foreman

Twiggs Bakery 

Sara and Bryan | A Slice of Life Photography| Mission Bay Women’s Club

Sara and Bryan got Married in August on a beautiful day down down by the bay in Mission Beach.  The continued with their reception at the Mission Beach Beach Women’s Club. They used the charms of this beach town to create their theme.  S + B even walked around the streets of Mission Beach to get some adorable pictures as they made their way down to catch sunset. These two have been so great to work with and their wedding turned out wonderfully.  We  are so excited for the newly weds and we wish them a happy marriage!

 A Slice of Life Photography

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Katie + Marc | Resolusean Photography | La Jolla Women’s Club

Here we have yet another wonderful wedding which took place at La Jolla Women’s Club.  We love working at this beautiful venue right in the heart of Downtown La Jolla. Katie and Marc had their wedding outside on a beautiful sunny August afternoon.  This adorable couple had such a great sense of humor which kept everyone laughing and made the day so fun.  The couple chose a buttercup yellow as their main color pallet which really matched their bright and vibrant personalities! Resolusean Photography did such a great job catching all the wonderful moments of the day.  It was so nice to be a part of another great wedding.  Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs.!
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Breeana + Mike | Eder Photo | Marina Village

The beautiful wedding of Breeana and Mike took place at The North Chapel in Liberty Station.  Here they said their vowels and lingered for some pre and post ceremony pictures.  They celebrated their marriage with a reception at Marina Village in the Bay View room, offering beautiful views of the boats and the bay. These two are such a vibrant couple and they really showcased this with their dance moves and brightly colored pink and orange reception.  Their guests were having a blast! This was such a fun wedding, and we are sure Breeana and Mike have a bright future ahead of them!








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Mike + Melissa | Roberta Nicole Photography | La Jolla Women’s Club

It was a pleasure working at one of our favorite venues, La Jolla Women’s Club, for Mike and Melissa’s wedding back in June. San Diego was really showing off for their wedding guests on their wedding day with a perfectly sunny day and a bright blue sky. “June Gloom” was no where to be found. Mike and Melissa decided to have their ceremony and reception at the club as they were surrounded by friends and family.  During cocktail hour the newly weds took some amazing pictures, really utilizing all the club has to offer, with Roberta from Roberta Nicole Photography.  They rejoined their guests for a wonderful reception complete with delicious cup cakes and a candy bar!  The happy couple spent the rest of the night enjoying their guests and breaking it down on the dance floor!  All and all it was a beautiful wedding and we are happy we could be a part of it.

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Ashley and Doug | AS Photography | The Thursday Club

Doug and Ashley had their ceremony and reception at the beautiful Thursday Club.  The Pacific Ocean set a perfect background as they said their “I do’s”. Their friends and family were gathered throughout the venue taking in the beautiful views of the ocean.  Doug and Ashley chose to do food stations to create a more moving style reception that allowed their guests to get up and mingle around.  After dinner DJ Dave had everyone on the dance floor, only stopping when the ice cream sundae bar opened. Even their adorable son couldn’t get enough of the festivities and took to running around the dance floor with a bit smile on his face. Aaron and Samantha Wedding Photographers took all of the beautiful pictures. It was so wonderful to be a part of Doug and Ashley’s wedding.  Good luck to the newly weds! 

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