Sheryll and Patrick at MoPA

Sheryll and Patrick’s colors were pewter and butter cream which complimented the simple yet adorable lemons and yellow cymbidium orchids used for decor!

Florist – Shirley (MOB) & Zarina Patail (Friend of Bride)

DJ – Pat Connolly from Sound Prodigy

Cupcakes – Jill Reilly from Cute Cakes

Photographers – Stephanie Cutler & Tina Noel from Stephina Photography

Cyndi and Chris at Darlington House

Dee’Dee Stephens, family friend and florist to the bride and groom, created the perfect summertime centerpieces of Gerberas, Carnations and Lemons in glass vases. Guests were served individual servings of yummy Bundt cake made by a local bakery!

Florist – Dee’Dee Stephens

DJ – Robert Walker

Angela and Pony at Coronado Community Center

Angela and Pony chose elegant French Blue Shatung linens along with beautiful Bone Satin Napkins for their reception. Instead of assigning their guests to table numbers, Angela and Pony named their dining tables after places they love here in Southern California!

Photographer – Heather Elise

DJ – Bill Calhoun

Videographer – Tim Fox

Cake – Sweet Cheeks

Amanda and David at Mt Woodson

Amanda and David used black, white, pink and crystals to decorate their reception. Susan Crass, the Mother of the Bride, created the centerpieces and Edelweiss Bakery made yet another lovely cake!

Centerpieces – Susan Crass (Mother of the Bride)
Cake – Edelwiess Bakery
Photographer – Rebecca (Bride’s Sister)