The Lucky Seven

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While you probably know everyone at your wedding, seeing as you invited them, you might not know how they act at weddings. There are seven lucky guests who get a name to their personalities when it comes to attending your wedding. If you cannot predict who it will be now, just have your eye open on the big day to see who falls under each category.

When Your Vows Create a Writer’s Block

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As the wedding planning progresses and the day both of you have been waiting for is just weeks or days away, the final details all fall in place. You have the headcount, the linens, the centerpieces, the flowers, the caterer, the DJ, and the venue coordinated, but as the date nears your writer’s block begins. That is why we put together a few tips and tricks to craft the perfect, heartwarming vows.

As you start to brainstorm for your vows, start by writing down why you will be standing across from him or her on your wedding day. Reminisce on your favorite moments together whether they are humorous or sentimental; fill the paper with the best memories in the past. Then jot down some notes about your future together; include growing old together, waking up every morning next to each other, any promises you want to make, and of course, how much your love with continue to grow as it has since you two met. Have your words written down so you can refer to a concrete list, later adding your personal romantic or funny touch to it.

Now that you have the foundation, it is time to start romanticizing them into the actual vows. It is up to you to create the mood of the vows just make sure it represents your relationship and personalities. If it is short and sweet, then go for it. If it is funny, who doesn’t like to laugh? And if it is meant to have the guests grabbing their Kleenex, by all means say it. This is a moment to not only tell the man or woman standing across from you your vows, but let the witnesses of your marriage know as well.

If you are still coping with the stress of writing vows, take a deep breath and hop on Google There are hundreds of vows that you can add your own twist to. Look at what other couples vow because they can take the words out of your mouth and write them perfectly.

Sure, you might not be another Jane Austen or Nicholas Sparks when it comes to vows, but chances are your fiancé already knows that. Your vows are worth more than any famous author’s fancy words just because they are coming from you.