Sara and Bryan | A Slice of Life Photography| Mission Bay Women’s Club

Sara and Bryan got Married in August on a beautiful day down down by the bay in Mission Beach.  The continued with their reception at the Mission Beach Beach Women’s Club. They used the charms of this beach town to create their theme.  S + B even walked around the streets of Mission Beach to get some adorable pictures as they made their way down to catch sunset. These two have been so great to work with and their wedding turned out wonderfully.  We  are so excited for the newly weds and we wish them a happy marriage!

 A Slice of Life Photography

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Katie + Marc | Resolusean Photography | La Jolla Women’s Club

Here we have yet another wonderful wedding which took place at La Jolla Women’s Club.  We love working at this beautiful venue right in the heart of Downtown La Jolla. Katie and Marc had their wedding outside on a beautiful sunny August afternoon.  This adorable couple had such a great sense of humor which kept everyone laughing and made the day so fun.  The couple chose a buttercup yellow as their main color pallet which really matched their bright and vibrant personalities! Resolusean Photography did such a great job catching all the wonderful moments of the day.  It was so nice to be a part of another great wedding.  Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs.!
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