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Recently True Photography has featured Personal Touch Dining on their blog. This really means a lot to us since we love working with True Photography and they take some of the most incredible pictures.  For the most part weddings and events show a spot light on the couples and people of each event, but rarely do we get to see the food! We know it tastes delicious, but True Photography does a great job of throwing in some shots of the yummy food we are so proud to make.

You can check out True Photography’s blog here: Vendors We Love – Personal Touch Dining 

Check out some of the events we worked at together:







We figured this would also be a good time for us to show case them!

True Photography is all over the map when it comes to quality stunning pictures.  They are frequently winning awards on The Knot and Wedding Wire and are tried and true vendors.  They have even shared photography tips on the CW network! Here are some more pictures of our beautiful couples and their weddings that True Photography has captured:



0009Joshua_Robert_pf 2












Rachel and Dustin | AS Photography | San Diego Rowing Club

Rachel and Dustin’s nautical themed wedding took place at the San Diego Rowing Club on May 16, 2015. Their ceremony was held in front of the club with the beautiful Mission Bay as their backdrop. They continued to celebrate along the bay with great music by  BWatt Entertainment. Rachel was the dance queen of the night, keeping her guests entertained and on their feet! Aaron and Samantha Photography did a wonderful job with the photographs, and were a pleasure to work with. Rachel and Dustin are one of the cutest couples we have ever met. They were so happy and in love, and did not seem to have a care in the world that day. We are so happy we were able to share in their day!  Congrats to the lucky couple!20150516-0017






























Katie and Stephen | Betwixt Photography | Darlington House

We are so happy to share the photos, from the very talented Betwixt Studio, of Katie and Stephen’s wedding at the Darlington House on April 11th.  It was such a beautiful and happy day.  Stephen was beaming as his beautiful bride came down the aisle. You could not keep the smiles off of these two love birds faces. Katie and Stephen were such a wonderful couple to work with. Cheers to their 3 month anniversary approaching soon and to many more to come!

















Emily and Doug | Cary Pennington Photography | La Jolla Women’s Club

Wisconsin met California at this La Jolla Women’s Club wedding on Saturday, March 21, 2015. Paige with Bliss Events did an amazing job of coordinating this Midwest/West Coast wedding. Emily and Doug used influences from both of their home states to showcase each other’s roots. Emily being from California featured tray passed sliders during the cocktail hour, and Doug, hailing from Wisconsin had bacon wrapped kielbasas passed around. It was a really fun wedding complete with lawn games to keep their guests entertained and a photobooth to keep the fun going. Both the bride and groom were glowing all night.  Cary Pennington Photography captured this special day so beautifully.  Congrats to this wonderful couple!

La-Jolla-Womens-Club-Wedding- Emily-Doug-2015-282

La-Jolla-Womens-Club-Wedding- Emily-Doug-2015-300

La-Jolla-Womens-Club-Wedding- Emily-Doug-2015-324

La-Jolla-Womens-Club-Wedding- Emily-Doug-2015-606

La-Jolla-Womens-Club-Wedding- Emily-Doug-2015-712

La-Jolla-Womens-Club-Wedding- Emily-Doug-2015-716 La-Jolla-Womens-Club-Wedding- Emily-Doug-2015-766

La-Jolla-Womens-Club-Wedding- Emily-Doug-2015-768

La-Jolla-Womens-Club-Wedding- Emily-Doug-2015-769


Sarah and Dave | Glasz Productions | Darlington House

We were really feeling the love as Sarah Lovin turned into SarahEberlin on June 6, 2015.  Dave and Sarah exchanged their vows at one of our favorite spots, the Darlington House, where they continued to celebrate and danced the night away. Love was truly in the air that day as our bride and groom radiated with happiness throughout the entire night. It was wonderful to be a part of this adorable couple’s big day.  Thank you to Glasz Productions for the beautiful pictures. Good luck to the new Eberlins!

DSC03582 (2)

DSC03583 (3)

DSC03591 (3)

DSC03594 (2)

DSC03597 (2)

DSC03630 (2)

DSC03636 (2)

Brittany and Callan | ABM Photography | Darlington House

Brittany and Callan got married at the Darlington House on May 5th, 2015. Thank you to ABM Photography for sending over these beautiful pictures. It was such a beautiful day to match an equally as beautiful bride, to go along with her handsome groom. These two love birds could not stop smiling, and it was plain to see the love they have for each other.   The McLaughlins are two of the sweetest people we know and it was such a joy to be a part of their wedding. We are sure there are great things in store for these newly weds, and we wish them a world of love and happiness!
















Jeanine and Cory | Natalya Fiore Photography and Design | Darlington House

We would like to wish Jeanine and Cory a happy 1 month anniversary!

 J & C tied the knot at the breathtaking Immaculatta at USD on May 9th, 2015, with their reception following at the always beautiful Darlington House.  It was a gorgeous spring day filled with love, laughter, joy, and dancing! Jeanine looked absolutely stunning and her dashing husband could not stop smiling.  We are thrilled that we got to be a part of this wonderful couple’s wedding. Everything looked and was perfect that day.  Natalya Fiore Photography did a fantastic job of showcasing all the beauty and love this day had to offer. Congratulations to the happy couple! One month down and a life time to go!

Trusty Wedding 2015-15

Trusty Wedding 2015-54 (1)

Trusty Wedding 2015-64

Trusty Wedding 2015-91

Trusty Wedding 2015-160

Trusty Wedding 2015-278

Trusty Wedding 2015-291

Trusty Wedding 2015-293

Trusty Wedding 2015-294

Cake by Sweet Cheeks Bakery

Trusty Wedding 2015-352

Trusty Wedding 2015-308

Trusty Wedding 2015-348

Trusty Wedding 2015-358

Trusty Wedding 2015-362

4 Wedding Trends that are Here to Stay

The wedding business, like any business creates its own trends and fads. Some come and go, and some make a lasting impression.  Below are 4 wedding trends that we love, and with ever-growing popularity, are here to stay!

#1. Signature Drinks

I know we have mentioned these before, but we really do love the signature drink.  It is a great way to add a personal touch to your event in a way that guests appreciate and are excited about. You can do a single drink that represents your newly married status, or two drinks that draw from each of your personalities.  For example if the bride has a bubbly personality, try mixing her favorite juice with champagne and top it off with her favorite fruit.  For a more masculine drink for the groom try his favorite whisky or liquor and top it with a simple fruit, such as a lime. Keep in mind your signature does not have contain alcohol.  It could just be a refreshing delicious drink. Whatever you decide, be creative and choose fun names that really show off your personalities.



sig drink sign

#2. Family Style Receptions

Lately we have been seeing more and more requests for family style receptions; and we think it’s great! This is more of a classic wedding style that has been re-introduced, where food is placed on the table and your guests help themselves and each other to the delicious entrees you have provided. This promotes a warm and friendly atmosphere amongst your guests. To create more of a “family” feel your guests can be seated across from each other at long banquet tables or at intimate round tables.




#3. Bird Cage Veils

With the growing popularity of outdoor weddings, long cathedral veils don’t seem to be practical (even though we do love cathedral veils!). The birdcage veil is just enough to add a little something special to your look, instantly adding a touch of elegance, sophistication, and vintage glamour to your look. If you aren’t a fan of the birdcage try a beaded or flowery headband.

miranda veil

bird cage 2

bird cage

#4. Midnight Snacks

In the hustle and bustle of the wedding and dancing your guests may build up an appetite.  What better way to satisfy this than a delicious midnight snack at the end of the night?  A midnight snack station could consist of pizza, sliders, donuts, or really any type of comfort food for your guests to revive them after a long night of dancing and maybe some cocktails. This is also a great way to send your guests home with love in their hearts and food in their bellies.

late night snack

Late-Night-Wedding-Snacks 2

Wedding Food Trends We Love

Gone are the days of bad food at weddings.  More and more couples are really focusing on the food aspect of their wedding. Food at weddings isn’t just a thing to fill a need for your guests; it’s a way to really wow them! With more and more “foodies” in this generation couples can really amp up their wedding with some fun, creative, and delicious food options. Check out some wedding food trends that we can’t help but love!

Treats and Desserts as Favors

Recently guests have been growing tired of the standard favors that they most likely won’t use after the wedding, but one thing we have noticed as that people go crazy for food-related favors.  A candy bar is a popular favor that guests love.  If you are looking for a little something different give out something that you and your fiancé both love.  Maybe on your first date you found out you both loved peanut butter cookies and give them out as favors. This way you add your own personal touch, while giving your guests something they will love!



Donuts are a big one this year. It seems to be the new craze whether it’s a cronut or a gourmet maple bacon donut; guests just can’t get enough of them!  You can choose to forgo a cake, if you aren’t really into cake that much, or use it as a dessert enhancement to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Donuts can be stacked up high with different flavors or spread out on an assortment of platters.  Either way, have fun with it and choose flavor that you like!



Stations are growing ever so popular in the wedding world.  If you are looking for more of a moving style reception, but you don’t want your guests to have to wait in a long line for their food, try out stations.  Your stations can all work together to form a cohesive menu, or you can mix up your selections to give your guests a little bit of everything.  Scattering your stations will allow your guests to move about your reception and not be confined to their tables.



Gourmet Comfort Food          

For a lot of your guests, the most memorable part of the wedding is the food. Your menu does not have to be limited to just chicken and fish! Some of the most memorable menus we’ve seen involve lots of comfort foods. Imagine your guests’ faces when they walk into your reception expecting to see the typical trays hors d’oeuvres and instead find mini chicken and waffles with BBQ Maple Sauce or mini sliders with smoked gouda; or even a mini grilled cheese with a tomato bisque shooter!



Melissa and Tiny Featured on Equal and Forever

 Two of our sweet brides were featured on Equal and Forever this week!  The article high-lighted their adorable first look pictures taken by Altar Image Photography at the beautiful Mt. Woodson Castle, their ceremony officiated by the great Bethel Nathan, and their fun, laid back, backyard reception.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for such a truly beautiful couple inside and out. If you would like to look at the article you can go to: