Say “I Do” To Summer

Summer is always the peak of wedding season for us vendors, and we know exactly why! With the weather noticeably warmer and the sun shining bright outside, you can’t really go wrong with celebrating your big day during the peak summer months! Unfortunately, there always comes that one pesky day that it is unbearably hot, humid, dry, etc.; so here are some key things to do, in order to keep your cool on your wedding day this summer!

1. Do… plan your ceremony either in the morning, or later after noon.

Having a ceremony that is scheduled during the high point of the sun can be brutal for you and your guests. Many of our Brides have opted for later ceremonies to avoid the direct heat during the sharing of nuptials. Another option, which has become quite popular, is to have a morning event. Head down the aisle when it is still nice and cool outside, and follow up with a fun brunch themed reception!

2. Do… order extra boutonnieres for the bridal party.

Although the sun is proven to give us a natural glow and boost our energy levels, it does quite the opposite to our flowers. The heat, more likely than not, will wilt those precious personal flowers that you had specially made for your groom and his groomsmen. So, plan ahead and make sure you have some back-ups just in case!

3. Do… provide shade for your friends and family.

Having an all outdoor wedding? A decorative and easy way to provide shade for your loved ones is by using simple patio umbrellas (You can typically order these for a good price from your rental company). A few scattered umbrellas are a perfect way to sneak away from the summer heat to avoid your guests sweltering in the sun!

4. Do… have an escape from the heat.

A few simple ideas can include providing customized fans with thank you notes printed on them to your guests, or even having cold towelettes passed around during cocktail hour for your guests to cool off with!

5. Do… wear a good sunscreen!

Let’s not put the saying “blushing bride” into literal terms… Enough said?

6. Do…have plenty of refreshments (non-alcoholic) for guests.

An easy way to make sure everyone is staying hydrated this summer is to set up a pre-ceremony beverage station with some fun drinks for guests to rehydrate with, but let’s not forget the water as well! Setting up a beverage station that is away from the bar will help guests stay hydrated and feeling refreshed without having to stand in line at the bar to simply get a glass of water.

7. Do… Dress comfortably!

It’s your big day, and the last thing you want is to be feeling uncomfortable in your wedding gown. If you already have your dress picked out, think about the option of having a wardrobe change. After the ceremony you could slip into something a bit more comfortable to make sure you stay cool and comfortable to enjoy the rest of your wedding day!