Mike & Marta at Mt Woodson Castle

Today we are reminiscing over Mike and Marta’s Valentine’s Day wedding at Mt Woodson Castle.

The reception featured accents of sapphire blue, silver and white and romantic centerpieces created by Dawn Stone from Embellishment Floral & Event Design.

The reception ended with a late night S’mores Bar provided by Personal Touch Dining and a grand farewell to the happy couple who left in style in a Rolls Royce.


Venue: Mt Woodson Castle

Officiant: Vows from the Heart

Ceremony Music: Caprice Strings

DJ: Sound Prodigy

Florals: Embellishment Floral & Event Design

Catering: Personal Touch Dining

Cake: Flour Power

Photography: Anika London Photography

Rolls Royce: Rolls Livery

Ali & Shane at The Coronado Community Center

Gorgeous photos from By Amy Lynn Photography of Ali and Shane’s special day are here! What could be more beautiful than getting married at the Coronado Community Center with the San Diego skyline as your ceremony backdrop?

It was such a joy to work with such an amazing couple, venue and vendor team!

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Coordinator: Maggie Tyler Events

Photographer: By Amy Lynn Photography

Venue: Coronado Community Center

Cake: Twiggs Bakery

DJ: David Leeds

Caterer: Personal Touch Dining

Sarah & Anthony at Mt Woodson Castle

Sarah and Anthony’s whimsical ombré wedding was recently featured on Style Me Pretty.  Their details included soft pinks, creams and blue pastels with accents of mercury and silver. Coastyle Events, who handled design, and Sugar Rose Flowers, who created the floral arrangements, hung beautiful arrangements and draping in the oak trees to create the perfect ceremony backdrop. Check out their photos by Heidi-O-Photo below.

Sarah and Anthony (3)

Sarah and Anthony (4)

Sarah and Anthony (1)

Sarah and Anthony (12)

Sarah and Anthony (6)

Sarah and Anthony (2)

Sarah and Anthony (11)

Sarah and Anthony (7)

Sarah and Anthony (9)

Sarah and Anthony (18)

Sarah and Anthony (10)

Sarah and Anthony (8)

Sarah and Anthony (14)

Sarah and Anthony (17)

Sarah and Anthony (15)

Sarah and Anthony (22)

Sarah and Anthony (16)

Sarah and Anthony (13)

Sarah and Anthony (21)

Sarah and Anthony (19)

Sarah and Anthony (20)

Photography: heidiophoto

Cinematography: SidebySide Cinema

Event Design: Coastyle Events

Floral Design: Sugar Rose Flowers

Cake: V.G. Donut & Bakery

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids

Makeup: Cheriene

Hair: Victoria G Hair Design

DJ: Ansom Productions

Groom’s Attire: Friar Tux Shop

Venue: Mt Woodson Castle

Bridal Boutique: La Soie Bridal

Catering: Personal Touch Dining

Doing Dessert Different

The moment the bride and groom stand in front of all their guests and cut the cake is a must for nearly all weddings. The bride and groom get cake in their face, there is a photo op and each guest receives a slice of the infamous cake. This has been a tradition for years and years, and is one that is probably not going away anytime soon, no matter how much money a bride puts into her hair and makeup the day of. Despite tradition, it’s important is to remember that not all guests enjoy cake, or some guests may not have much room left after a filling dinner. So, try the alternative for your wedding desserts, a dessert bar. You can still order a cake to keep the tradition alive, but a dessert bar is a sweet touch to add onto any wedding! Here are a couple of dessert bar ideas you might want to try:

  1. Chocolate covered strawberries – You can’t go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries. If you want to take it to the next level, include a unspecified-5chocolate fountain so guests can prepare the strawberries themselves.
  2. Mini cupcakes – The perfect way to give your guests a variety of flavors without buying multiple cakes. Be sure to incunspecified-4lude fruity and decadent flavors to satisfy all flavor pallets.
  3. Smores Bar – A smores bar is a great option because it serves as a form of entertainment for your guests, while adding a unique touch.
  4. Dessert Shooters – If the only shooters you provide at your wedding come from the beverage bar, you may be in trouble. Dessert shooters can include a number of bite-sized desserts such as tiramisu, carrot cake and red velvet cake.unspecified-3
  5. Pastries – Carbs and sweets, what more could your guests want? Having a variety of pastries is a great add to any dessert bar. Popular pastry items include lemon bars, mini  and mini éclairs.
  6. Macaroons – The great thing about macaroons is they come in all colors, so they can truly go with any wedding theme. Plus, they’re cute!

unspecified-2Photography: True Photography

Venue: Mt. Woodson Castle 

Samantha & Brian’s Gorgeous Wedding- La Jolla Woman’s Club

On September 20, 2014 Samantha and Brian tied the knot at the absolutely gorgeous venue of La Jolla Woman’s Club! This wedding was one we will never forget because of the gorgeous colors and design of the ceremony and reception. Personal Touch Dining catered this fabulous event and photographer, Lets Frolic Together, captured every moment the sweet couple shared together so gracefully. Samantha’s backless dress was to die for and so was her makeup, by Cheriene Galley Makeup.  Disc Go Round DJ & Video created a fun-filled environment for the guests, and even more amazing memories. Tres Chic Affairs coordinated the wedding with such elegance, giving Samantha everything she could have dreamed of. This wedding was so beautiful and we could not be more happy for Samantha and Brian.

Other Vendors to Note: Floral Designer: Lisa Jones 

Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-13Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-01bouquetFab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-03Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-18Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-24Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-21Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-26Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-28Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-36Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-38Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-02Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-35Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-37Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-04Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-15Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-40Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-33Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-34Fab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-31groominvitejewerlyFab-You-Bliss-Lets-Frolic-Together-Colorful-Garden-Party-Wedding-32name cardstyleshoesdessertsamantha


Bautista Wedding- Coronado Community Center

Pamela and Jimmy celebrated their “I Do’s” on November 14, 2015 at the beautiful Coronado Community Center. After a gorgeous wedding, the newly married couple continued the celebration with amazing friends and family members. The reception was beautifully decorated with an incredible cake and lovely bouquets and calligraphy. The blue colors added around the reception made every little detail pop with excited and elegance. Eccentric International Chef created an amazing cake and even added wonderful teal embellishments. Eisenhower Photography captured every special detail and moment perfectly! This was an absolutely amazing celebration and we are so excited for Pamela and Jimmy!!

Other Vendors to Note: Just a Memory Photobooth, DJ E-Roc, Tess Flowers